Following a series of public campaigns and forging partnerships with likeminded organizations such as the Kenya Red Cross Society and the Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF) Amiran has succeeded in making the technology and knowledge available to millions of Kenyan youth and is clearly making headways in getting youths to take a closer look at agribusiness as an option.

Taking another unprecedented step in the agricultural sector, Amiran has signed Juliani, an inspirational gospel artist and a renowned Change-maker for his deep lyrics and mindset on issues of bringing change and development among the youth, to be the Amiran Poverty Eradication Ambassador.  The goal of the partnership is to prove to Kenyans and especially to the youth, that agribusiness offers a respectable, sustainable and ‘cool’ means of wealth creation and can be practiced even by someone with no prior knowledge or experience in this area, such as Juliani himself.
Speaking during the press conference that launched Juliani as the Amiran Poverty Eradication Ambassador, Juliani stated that Kenya’s major challenge, youth unemployment, can potentially become the country’s biggest asset, if these youth are empowered to produce their own wealth in a sustainable manner that will also contribute greatly to the strengthening of Kenya’s economy.
Amiran had previously gained public attention for its ‘Farming is Cool’ campaign, associated with coolness and a modern approach to exposing youths to agribusiness.  Amiran through this campaign attracted Kenyans in their masses beginning with the unique launch of the ‘Farming is Cool’ campaign at the Nairobi ASK Show grounds in 2011, where the company brought in a live DJ and 50 Jomo Kenyatta and Egerton University students, who created a massive buzz during the whole show week, encouraging their fellow youthful peers to join the agribusiness revolution that promises easy and advanced farming methods with positive returns.   Amiran went further being the first to take the Agribusiness Revolution to the Social Media, starting the first agricultural Facebook page and Twitter handle, which are today offering thousands of members of the digital generation the opportunity to interact with professional agronomists online by asking questions about, which crops to grow and what kind of technologies to use.
Following its ‘Next Generation Farmers Initiative’, which in partnership with the Kenya Red Cross Society and Ministry of Development, Planning and Vision 2030, brought over 1000 Amiran Farmers Kits (AFK) to over 1000 primary and secondary schools all over Kenya, allowing children and youth to experience modern agro-technology in their own schools, Amiran partnered with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, installing more than 300 Amiran Farmers Kits (AFK) in various Youth Polytechnics across the country.  The installation of the AFKs and the training of the polytechnic’s students and the Ministry’s staff by Amiran created a virtual classroom to support the new Agribusiness curriculum designed by the Ministry and based on the AFK.   
Youth groups have also been major beneficiaries through the MOU signed between, Amiran and the Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF) introducing the AgriVijana Loan, which offers up to Kshs 358,344, enabling youths to purchase the AFK and enter into agribusiness.  All of Amiran’s youth oriented partnerships have been geared towards making it possible for young men and women to explore and gain firsthand experience by working with the technologies like the greenhouse and drip irrigation system, which are part of the AFK.  The impact on a large number of youth, who are now engaged in agribusiness, is a transformation of these youth into serious business-minded individuals who can practice farming, train other farmers and commercialize their quality crops at the best possible market prices.
The award-winning AFK, the recipient of two MDG Awards for Youth Empowerment and Eradication of Extreme Poverty and Hunger, is designed to meet the needs of a specific farmer or group of farmers by adapting the components of the Kit to suit the climate, terrain and agricultural experience of the Kenyan farmer, introducing a new approach to agribusiness that rests on three pillars:  Knowledge, Know-how (implementation of modern agriculture techniques) and High Quality Inputs.
Driving a vision that young people can create change in creative and unexpected ways if given the right knowledge and tools, Yariv Kedar, Amiran’s Deputy Managing Director, inventor of the ‘cool’ AFK is well known for his passion to see young people venture into agribusiness.  Ensuring that this is possible, Kedar and the Amiran Team are in the frontline in pioneering agricultural initiatives convinced that due to their numbers and energy the young people of Kenya are best suited to carry the mantle to produce enough food to feed the nation.

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